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Bent Self's album 'Waves' Out Now!

Updated: May 28

Entering Dustyn Marsing’s RV is to enter the wicked and warped world of his anarcho-industrial moniker Bent Self – a grungy and gleefully menacing journey all conceived in Dustyn’s ‘squeals-on-wheels’ RV homebase. Mixing hip-hop, industrial, electronic, and metal, Bent Self straps listeners into the backseat and keeps both feet on the gas pedal with his 4th album Waves – an album that, like its namesake, ebbs, flows, and of course crashes…

These elements define the soundscape on the album’s focus single Love Will Stay With You. Equal parts atmospheric and melancholic, horrorcore inspired synths pave the way for Bent Self’s coarse and impassioned vocals. The song communicates a romantic message dressed in dark metal and synth elements in a space between the best of John Carpenter and Linkin Park.

The 10-track album pulls listeners down a rabbit hole, initially shrouded in mystery with opening song Some Days, before dragging them through the kinetic choruses She’s so Delicate, the emotional depths of Please Just Go, and wowing them with stand out features from The Adepts and Louis Gibbor. 

Bent Self’s enigmatic world extends beyond the album itself. The artist’s Galactic Weed Bandits merch line has taken on a life of its own. Building on his anarchic and fun-loving persona, the brand is exactly what it sounds like – little green aliens with big green plants. Ever the restless creative, Bent Self wasn’t content laying low while the world still, and opted to go galactically ganja with astronomical success. The venture is a success in its own right while figuratively abducting a whole new legion of fans to Bent Self’s discography.

Technically proficient and twistedly dark, Bent Self’s genre-blending Waves is a must listen for fans of music that dares to experiment and explore themes and sounds beyond the norm. 

Waves is available to stream on all digital platforms now. Listen to 'Waves' click here

Watch lyric music video for song 'Some Days' click here

Lookout for animated music video "Let Me Cruise" ft. The Adepts coming out in November of 2020. This will be the first animated music video and will definitely be trippy to match the vibe of the music created so get ready! Make sure to subscribe on the Youtube channel for all updates here.

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