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Bent Self's song 'Murder On Mars' ft. Kool Keith, Dj Blesd1 Out Now!

Welcome to Mars. Grab a weapon.

The controversial dark hip-hop star Bent Self enlists the talents of old-school inspired DJ Blesd1 and hip- hop legend Kool Self for the pro-human (and decidedly anti-f*cking-Martian) anthem to score your off- world, off-kilter spree! Don your (space) helmets and strap in for the battle as the single Murder on Mars and its accompanying video launch March 11th.

The single blasts off with one of DJ Blesd1’s signature skits – “Meet me in orbit, so we can blaze this kush.” – setting the irreverent tone of the 90s Hip-Hop inspired track that mixes in alt. rock influences for a truly out of this world single. Bronx-born Kool Keith’s surreal bars smash against Bent Self’s heavy and twisted vocals on the chorus for a dynamic ebb and flow that defines Murder on Mars’ unabashed carnage. The trio balance their styles for a unique mix of playful and aggressive sounds that together forms a hazy cloud of mayhem.


Murder on Mars’ accompanying animated music video encapsulates this perfectly with imagery as gnarly as the track’s bars. Bent Self, DJ Blesd1, and Kool Keith spark up and spark out with blunt(s) force trauma as they invade Mars armed with an arsenal that would make Bugs Bunny blush and Marvin the Martian sh*t himself!

Audiences will be familiar with Bent Self from his recent anarchic half-grunge half-grinch take on the holiday season – Santa’s Dead which racked up 12k on YouTube alone. Known for a decidedly punk outlook told with technical mastery of his craft, Bent Self blends elements of hip-hop, industrial, electronic, and metal for a sound that has rallied together misfits the world over.

DJ Blesd1 blesses the track with old school scratches and skits that lead the single in and out. The artist is capturing audiences globally, having built up a loving rapport with his Arizona home as one of the founding members of Avenue of the Arts. Also joining the track is legendary artist Kool Keith. Having collaborated with Peeping Tom, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Jurassic 5, Kool Keith has left an undeniable mark on the music scene. Fans of The Prodigy may also recognise him from the original sample that the band’s iconic ‘Change my pitch up. Smack my bitch up.’ line was taken from.

Murder on Mars marks the next step in Bent Self’s exciting musical career as he takes his brand of twisted chaos to the stars and beyond.

Humans can look forward to, and Martians can dread, streaming the track on all digital platforms listen here

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