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Music Video 'Liquid Concrete' ft skater Trey Wood

Music Video "Liquid Concrete" by Bent Self. featuring skateboarder Trey Wood.  Stream/Download  & Merchandise links below:

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Director/Producer: Dustyn Marsing

Director of Photography: Sandi Miller

Editor/VFX: Dustyn Marsing

Skateboarder: Trey Wood



I dropped in from a million feet, million feet, million feet, echoing sounds as a feel the crete, momentum keeps me flowing. I defy the laws of gravity, gravity, gravity, push the feet, and glide and glide the concrete is so liquid. I can control this energy, this destiny, this energy, pushes me into the sky the faces are all smiling. Take a breath and touch the clouds, touch the clouds, touch the clouds, grab the tape and mediate descending is my witness. Hey Trey where you at.


I glide over like liquid concrete, you see no feet, blurry in the air. Dropping in from saturns rings I, take a deep breath, this is what I wear.


Im bruised not broke cause there are no limits, are no limits, are no limits, separated energy into my soul, connecting ply's to my veins. Push the envelope and taste the dreams, taste the dreams, taste the dreams, get into the rhythm and defy the thoughts, the tricks are never ending… yeah yeah

Better just lean left to right, right to left, left to right, shoes worn thin pushing every night, I cruise with independence. Wheres all the punks talking all the trash, all the trash, all the trash, Look at me now as I skate with wrath, your face is green with envy



Switch and grind im gonna melt the trucks, melt the trucks, melt the trucks, stick it with precision then you call there bluff, your stories never ending. Grab the crew were all city bound, city bound, city bound, find a kicken spot just to hear the sound of blue and reds ,and piggies.  Zip away, just you and the crew, shadows cast on dirty walls, sunset crawls up all the backs, the night is just beginning. Sit back, analyze, get inspired, get inspired, translate to concrete, and feel the fire, keep pushing all your boundaries. 


This is this is this is what I wear. This is this is this is what I wear

This is this is this is what I wear.

*Special thanks to Trey & the Wood family, Studio Centric Photo, Rasor Skate Co., KTR Skatepark, Deadly Sunsets, Freedom Boardshop, friends, and my amazing parents, and bro.

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