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New Music Video - 'Invisible Killer' OUT Now!

Updated: May 24

Bent Self release's new music video "Invisible Killer" ft. Manik Visions & The Adepts from album 'Universal Drifter". The song was created to lean more towards the alt-metal, rap-rock side with heavy in your face chorus and lyrical verses to create a story to follow. Bent Self along with his brother Josh aka Manik Visions, Dapper Dan & Midknight from The Adepts speak of stories of shadow governments and secret societies creating killers and killing for their own evil greed. Bent Self is independent artist who creates, shoots, edits his music videos from start to finish and "Invisible Killer" was filmed in down town Albuquerque New Mexico and Mesa Arizona in 2020. Watch video here & stream song here.

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