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New song Energy Depleted ft. Midknight by Bent Self Out Now!

Updated: May 25

Bent Self's single 'Energy Depleted' ft. Midknight from The Adepts from the fifth full length album 'Robotic Humaliens' and is streaming galaxy wide listen here. Stream & download full album here

Cover art for song 'Energy Depleted' ft. Midknight by Bent Self

Presented by Blind Alien Records:



VIDEO CREDITS – Creator / Editor - Bent Self ( Blind Alien Records)

SONG CREDITS – Written & Performed by Bent Self Music by Bent Self

Energy Depleted - Lyrics

How we take it all, weight that crushes down the spine, keep on pushing til, our energy, depleted

Now we chase it all, highest mountains we will climb, when we feel defeated we push harder til we shine.

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